About Us

Braeden Proctor, Co-Founder & Basketball Editor

Braeden Proctor is a Co-Founder and the Basketball Editor for the Midwest Prep Lounge. He has worked for Prep Hoops Michigan for the last three years, and brings a vast knowledge of basketball with relationships with coaches and players around the entire state of Michigan.

E-mail Braeden at: p_rock_25@yahoo.com





Kenny Jordan, Co-Founder & Football Editor

Kenny Jordan is a Co-Founder and the Football Editor for the Midwest Prep Lounge. He is a sports enthusiast, who has a passion to help high school athletes in their journey to the next level. He has been covering games for two years, and has interviewed some of the best prep athletes in the state of Michigan.

E-mail Kenny at: kennyjordan1129@gmail.com




Kalin Hanninen, Webmaster

Kalin Hanninen is the Webmaster for Midwest Prep Lounge. He is a web/software developer that enjoys graphic design and programming in his free time. He does not know anything about high school sports, so we are glad he does not write for us.

E-mail Kalin at: karoha.contact@gmail.com