2020 West Bloomfield DE Sterling Miles plays at arguably the most talented football school in the state.

Sometimes hard to get noticed with all the other high profile recruits Miles is doing his best to let college coaches know his name too.

On Saturday, Miles went on a visit to Toledo and came away with an offer joining Cincinnati and Akron for the 2020 recruit.

“It was a great experience to be on campus, it was my first time there,” says Miles. “The coaches had been following me on twitter, but I was still kind of surprised when I got there and they offered me.”

Miles has the three offers but has also been hearing from both Western Michigan and Michigan pretty frequently.

“I’ve heard from Western Michigan, and Michigan. I had a pretty good conversation with Coach Mattison on my visit there. I’m in a pretty good position with both of those schools.”

As for getting noticed at a large school with so much talent such as West Bloomfield, Miles does his best and is happy for everyone.

“It’s great to play with people who compete at a high level, and good to have people to talk to off the field about the recruiting process and understanding challenges you face in recruiting. I feel like we’re all happy for each other here and like to see each other shine.”

West Bloomfield sent two wide receivers to Wisconsin last year and a quarterback to Bowling Green. Along with 2019 prospects Lance Dixon and Tre Mosley among others who haven’t made their decisions yet.

“It’s always something I’ll think about (playing at the same college), but at the end of the day not everyone’s fit is always the same and home is different for everyone. It’s good to hear what they have to say about certain coaches or schools but at the end of the day you have to do what’s best for you.”

Miles is a player to keep an eye out for this fall and has star potential at Defensive End, he plans on putting on five pounds by the start of the season and getting off the line as fast as possible.

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